Harvest Moon Sightings

Since Friday’s Harvest Moon there have been some strange sightings around the FearFest-Evil site. Two large animals have been spotted in the shadows of the woodland at the Northern area of the National Diving & Activity Centre.
Half-Breen Illustration
Illustration from “Folk Tales & Mysteries of Tidenham” by Arthur Orfeo
Local Tidenham Farmers have also reported livestock disappearing and several cows have been found mutilated after being dragged into the woodland. Local folk tales talk of wolves and even wolf-men at this time of year. However this may just be a local legend created by farmers to keep people off their land – it is far more likely that the animals are large dogs that have escaped. The animals appear to be scared of the light and locals have covered the trees in foil to reflect the light around. We advise sticking to the paths and out of the shadows when in the woodland areas and please report any sightings.