Useful Information & Site Rules

We have some information, rules and regulations to help you enjoy your visit to FearFest-Evil, they are as follows:

Know before you go

At FearFest-Evil you’ll experience a whole new level of fear. Here are a few tips and advice to help you get out alive:
  • Costumes are encouraged! but not masks or face prosthetics (sensible outdoor footwear is essential). The undead need to see your fear and follow your foot prints
  • No drinks, Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons of any kind, Food, Bottles, Recording Equipment (of any kind), Flash Photography, Flashlights or Laser Pens are allowed in any of the Scare Zones.
  • Alcohol in moderation is permitted outside of the scare zones,. If you are taking part on the Hangman’s Swing or Death Slide you should not drink beforehand. For the safety of the night creatures, customers and staff you may be refused entry if deemed to be adversely under the influence, displaying, threatening aggressive or violent behaviour. Any breech of these enclosed rules and regulations will also result in you not being able you access to any of the scare zones (no refund will be given)
  • Be prepared before booking! that the night creatures know what you are thinking and will try to separate you, touch or grab you and smell you in preparation to eat you.This could get messy! You may get dirty, bloody or gory. Do not book if you are not prepared for this or are fainthearted!
  • No disrespecting or touching of FearFest-Evil set, our performers or event staff. The creatures of the night are protective of their own and do not like this! so be warned.
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour, foul language and any undead heading your way.
  • The Night Creatures hate waiting for their victims so arrive promptly 1 hour before your ticket time this will allow you to sign a waiver form and disclaimer form for any of the on site activities (Death Slide or Hangman’s Swing).
  • Please respect our neighbours and show consideration for local residents whilst travelling to and from the site and taking part in activities at the National Diving & Activity Centre.
  • We have on site accommodation available as an 'RIP Rest-In-Peace' upgrade on our Premium Extreme Package.

Be Advised!

  • Due to the nature of this scare event we strongly recommend that you are fully fit and healthy. The event does involve walking on uneven surfaces and muddy embankments, sudden noises, special effects, smoke machines and enclosed spaces. Only attend if you think you’re fit and healthy enough.
  • There will be enclosed spaces which will include underground sewer systems over 90ft long, which for some sections you will have to crawl through on your hands and knees!
  • Strobe lights will be in use throughout all Scare Zones.
  • There will be unpleasant and offensive smells!
  • Strong language and some scenes of nudity will be part of the CarnEvil of the Bizarre - it's not for the faint hearted!
  • PREGNANT WOMEN: We do not recommend FearFest-Evil if you are pregnant. There are uneven, muddy floors and unexpected frights and scares.
  • HEART CONDITIONS: If you have an existing heart condition, or are concerned about your heart health, then we do not advise you to attend FearFest-Evil.
  • DIABETES: Please ensure you have enough medication on your person and you are able to walk and stand for long periods. If you have doubts about your health and fitness levels then we advise you not to attend FearFest-Evil.
  • ASTHMA:  Please be aware that smoke machines will be used throughout FearFest-Evil, so if you suffer from Asthma, please consult your Doctor before booking.
  • UNDER MEDICAL TREATMENT/OTHER DISABILITIES: This is an outdoor event which involves exposure to the elements, walking on uneven and muddy ground, in the dark and with sudden shocks and scares. If you are in doubt, please refrain from joining this event.

Online ticket purchasing

  • All tickets purchased online or otherwise have been sold/bought as per the event fee, and are per person. From time to time we may offer some promotional discounted rates which would not apply if you have already purchased your tickets.
  • Any discounted rates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer from NDAC Ltd.
  • You will receive your booking confirmation via email. The email contains a PDF, you will be required to print a copy and bring with you to your event slot, as proof of purchase. Once you have received your confirmation email, you cannot exchange, have a refund or sell on your tickets onto a third party – they are non transferable or refundable
  • Ticket use is subject to our standard terms and conditions as set out in this document.

Arrival, Admission & Allocation of Slots

FearFest-Evil tickets are sold in allocated time slots. You should arrive 1 hour before your allocated time slot, to allow for registration, parking and grouping this will also give you time to see some of the wonders of the disused quarry. Drivers need to follow parking controls and restrictions from NDAC staff upon arrival at the site. The car parking configuration may change due to numbers of visitors for each slot so please seek advice from NDAC staff upon arrival as to where best to park. Site staff who work for, or sub-contract to, NDAC Ltd, who are on duty during the event, have the right to refuse admission to any member of the public who is causing a distraction to either site staff or other members of the public (no refund shall be issued). We urge you to treat your booking as you would to catch a flight or train. If you arrive late your slot may be allocated to another party and you may lose your slot.  The organisers will endeavour to fit in any late arrivals where possible but cannot guarantee this.  We have a time schedule which must be adhered to. Only customers with a valid and in-date ticket will be allowed entry to the event. You are also responsible to check that no omissions have been made to your ticket prior to arrival, any issues please call the office in advance to discuss on 01291 630046

Duration and Time of Activity

The time of your “Activity” is a guide time only. There is no guarantee that you will complete your “Activity” at the exact time given on your booking confirmation however, we will try to stick to these times as closely as possible. Where the duration of an “Activity” is mentioned on our website, marketing material, or by a member of our team, this is an approximate guide to the length of time you should expect to be at the venue. The duration may vary slightly from time to time and is always number dependant. When you are taking part in the “Activity” as part of a group or otherwise there may be some extra waiting time involved due to wether conditions on the day.If adverse weather and strong winds are predicted this could effect the safe operation of The Death Slide or Hangman’s Swing then that activity shall be cancelled (your safety is of paramount importance to us). A new voucher code will be issued to you via email for you to re book that specific activity at a date and time that is suitable to you. The new voucher will be like for like but may mean your activity is then completed in daylight hours.


Spectators are not permitted at the venue.

Restrictions/General Rules

FearFest-Evil is strictly open to persons aged 16+. Any individual who appears under the minimum age, will be asked for proof of age and will be asked to leave the event is they cannot adequately prove they are 16 or over. Unbecoming behaviour at any time during the event, to any of our staff or other members of the public, will not be tolerated and any individual who, in our opinion, has breached this restriction shall be asked to leave site with immediate effect (no refund shall be given) Physical and verbal abuse shall not be tolerated. Alcohol and food may be purchased from the café bar area – no food or alcohol bought off-site is allowed to be brought to the venue The use of devices such as cameras, video cameras or mobile phones whilst attending FearFest-Evil is restricted and only allowed outside of the zones. If you have purchased an activity you will not be allowed to use any such device to record yourself while descending down the Death Slide or from the Hangman’s Swing. No illegal substances, weapons, fireworks or other items which could harm you, or others, are allowed on site at any time. If you are intoxicated you will be asked to leave the event (no refund will be issued).