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FearFest-Evil Wedding Proposal

One of our guests wanted to propose to his partner as a surprise during FearFest-Evil, our award-winning scare attraction near Chepstow.

The FearFest-Evil team made arrangements to kidnap the couple on Halloween night in Chop-Chop’s house of horrors.

Our Creatures-of-the-Night carefully followed the pair around the horror event until they reached the target scare zone. At this point the creatures pounced and separated the pair.

While the unsuspecting partner was captured and being placed in Chop Chop’s chair, his other half was taken away to another part of the FearFest-Evil set. In just a few seconds our costume team disguised him up as one of our Creatures-of-the-Night and returned him to inflict terror on his partner!

The victim had no idea who was behind the mask tormenting him and shouted the safe word several times!

Finally the creature revealed himself, took to one knee and proposed… it was extremely tense, and the victim’s shock meant that the answer wasn’t forthcoming… but eventually he said YES!

After congratulations and forgiveness for the ordeal, we let our new Creature-of-the-Night keep his costume as a memento – hopefully he’ll wear it to the wedding!

Tickets for 2020’s FearFest-Evil event are available now and we have limited discounted Early Bird tickets available:

FearFest-Evil is a live and immersive horror event running selected nights in October, including Halloween Night.

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Review & Win Tickets to FearFest-Evil 2020

Review and Win FearFest-Evil 2020 Tickets

If you were one of our guests at FearFest-Evil Condemned, we hope you enjoyed your visit. Hopefully you survived any encounters with the Creatures-of-the-Night with your soul and sanity intact!

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If you are on Facebook, we have an exclusive 'Survivor' profile overlay for you to use so that you can bask in the glory of your escape from hell!

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Review & Win

We have been receiving lots of fantastic feedback from the weekend and we really enjoy reading all your posts and tweets.

If you have a moment to spare we'd love to know what you thought of FearFest-Evil Condemned and would really appreciate a review on one or more of the review sites.

Each week we will select our favourite review. The winner will receive Two FREE Tickets to the opening weekend of FearFest-Evil 2020.

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Introduction of Versila Feeft

Introduction of Versila Feeft

In the darkness, echoes of old time music and laughter have began to fill the halls and corridors of FearFest-Evil. A invitation for the curious ones to witness something more evil than before. The existing creatures are no longer themselves, they have fallen to a new madness. Consumed and controlled by an unforgiving purpose to feed people to this ancient evil. Although it comes with a promise, you will enjoy the fear, smile at the terror, love to become condemned.

It starts with a small handprint, a bump in the night, a gentle push in the dark, the sounds of old music and laughter. Victims become confused, lost and feel alone whilst fighting to escape deep within FearFest-Evil’s walls.

This ancient evil is named Vesila Feeft sister to "Belphegor" and when she reveals herself to you, all will be lost, hypnotic and mesmerising, her smile will leave you begging to see the true horrors of this world.

Our warning if you become lost, Close your eyes tight, ignore the sounds, you must not look, you must not hear, follow the path…

FearFest-Evil returns to Chepstow October 2019 with ‘Condemned’.

FearFest-Evil Returns 2019 with ‘Condemned’

At midnight on Hallow’s Eve, The Night Creatures returned to the underworld and the Eye Brotherhood sealed the Coombesbury Woods Gateway to Hell.

Congratulations if you survived FearFest-Evil: The Rising.

However it’s not over yet, FearFest-Evil returns October 2019 with ‘Condemned’.

We have Early Bird tickets available now for a limited time.

For a reduced price of £24.99*, tickets allow access to all Scare Zones.

(* Standard Tickets will be £29.99 at the end of the promotional period.)

Photos leaked from the FearFest-Evil House of Horror Set

We’ve sneaked out a few horror set photos from the House of Horrors area of FearFest-Evil. This is just a glimpse of the maze of haunted structures in this terrifying terror area – Even the contractors on site don’t like being in here alone! The Trilogy of Horrors is spread over a disused limestone quarry, historic railway line and surrounding haunted woodland. Each area has multiple scare zones with monsters, night creatures and lots of terrifying surprises! This is not for those of a nervous disposition – You have been warned! Limited tickets are available now