Know before you go

At FearFest-Evil you’ll experience a whole new level of fear. Here are a few tips and advice to help you get out alive:

  • You will receive your booking confirmation via email. The email contains a PDF, you will be required to print a copy and bring with you to your event slot, as proof of purchase.
  • Be prepared that the night creatures will touch you, scare you, grab you, taunt you, capture you and even tie you up, they may blindfold you or separate you from your group or partner. If your really lucky you might get sprayed or covered in paranormal fluid, so be warned wear old clothes as they may get ruined. (all products and fluids used are skin safe, toxin and allergen-free) Please be prepared for the night creatures to interact like never before and immerse you in the terror of the underworld. We cannot guarantee you will not be harmed due to the nature of the event. Do not book if you are not prepared for this.
  • Remember the safe word: "Condemned" for the night creatures to let you go in time.
  • The Night Creatures hate waiting for their victims so arrive promptly 1 hour before your intended scare zone entry You must arrive before 9.30pm otherwise we can not guarantee entry to the scare zones. If you are refused entry for arriving late you will not receive a refund, exchange or substitute of any kind.
  • For 2019 no time slots are being provided and we will be working to a queuing system. Please be prepared to wait and queue for admission.
  • Sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing appropriate to the time of year and weather conditions must be worn.
  • Wear old clothes as they could get damaged and we will not compensate for this in any way
  • There will be enclosed spaces and tunnels. This will include a 90ft long underground sewer system, which for some sections you will need to crawl on your hands and knees.
  • Strobe lights will be in use throughout all Scare Zones.
  • There will be unpleasant and offensive smells!
  • The night creatures know what you are thinking and may try to separate your group, touch, grab, taunt, capture, tie you up or blindfold you, or cover you in paranormal fluid and smell you in preparation to feed you to the ancient evil.
  • This could get messy – you may get dirty, or covered in paranormal fluid Do not book if you are not prepared for this!

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