Site Rules & Restrictions

We have some information, rules and regulations to help you enjoy your visit to FearFest-Evil, they are as follows:

Restrictions and Behaviour

  • Under 16’s are not permitted to the FearFest-Evil Condemned event due to its adult nature and theme.
  • Costumes are encouraged! but not masks or face prosthetics. The undead need to see your fear and follow your footprints
  • Do not bring anything that could harm you or others onto the site. This includes drugs, weapons, fireworks, bottles, flashlights and laser pens onto the site.
  • Alcohol in moderation is permitted in the View Café Bar and the live entertainment area of the Water View Marquee. Alcohol cannot be taken into the other areas of the FearFest-Evil Scare Zones. If you are taking part in the Wire Zip Slide Slide you should not drink beforehand. For the safety of the night creatures, customers and staff you may be refused entry if deemed to be adversely under the influence.
  • You must arrive 1 hour before your intended time and before 9.30pm otherwise we cannot guarantee your entry.
  • No food or alcohol bought off-site is allowed to be brought to the venue.
  • Devices such as cameras, video cameras and mobile phones can be used in the Scare Zones providing they are used with sensitively to other participants, staff and actors. No flash photography and strictly no torches in the Scare Zones.
  • No disrespecting or touching of FearFest-Evil set, our performers or event staff. The creatures of the night are protective of their own and do not like inappropriate behaviour, physical or verbal retaliation or foul language – so be warned! You will be asked to leave with no refund, exchange or substitution or compensation of any kind.
  • Please respect our neighbours and show consideration for local residents whilst travelling to and from the site and taking part in activities at FearFest-Evil.

Be Advised

Due to the nature of this scare event we strongly recommend that you are fully fit and healthy. The event does involve walking on uneven surfaces and muddy embankments, sudden noises, special effects, smoke machines and enclosed spaces. Only attend if you think you’re fit and healthy enough.

Do not book if any of these conditions apply to you

  • Pregnant Women: We do not recommend FearFest-Evil if you are pregnant. There are uneven, muddy floors and unexpected frights and scares.
  • Heart Conditions: If you have an existing heart condition, or are concerned about your heart health, then we do not advise you to attend FearFest-Evil.
  • Diabetes: Please ensure you have enough medication on your person and you are able to walk and stand for long periods. If you have doubts about your health and fitness levels then we advise you not to attend FearFest-Evil.
  • Asthma: Please be aware that smoke machines will be used throughout FearFest-Evil, so if you suffer from Asthma, please consult your Doctor before booking.
  • Under Medical Treatment/Other Disabilities: This is an outdoor event which involves exposure to the elements, walking on uneven and muddy ground, in the dark and with sudden shocks and scares. If you are in doubt, please refrain from joining this event.
  • Wheelchair access: We regret that due to the nature of this event, wheelchair access is not possible. You must advise us immediately after booking if you have someone in your group with any access issues and we will liaise with you to assess if their visit is feasible.

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