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Teaser Trailer for FearFest-Evil Released

Meet Chop-Chop in our 80's Horror Movie Inspired Teaser Trailer

Here’s the 80’s Horror Movie inspired teaser trailer for the 2017 FearFest-Evil Halloween Horror Event!

Go full screen, turn up the sound and bask in the 80’s horror of ‘Chop-Chop’ the Butcher of Tidenham!

We don’t know his real name, but the giant of the man known as ‘Chop-Chop’ was believed to have died at the quarry site in 1959.

The Chepstow Butcher carved and served meat for many years in the Dayhouse Quarry kitchen and earned his nickname from his ability with a butchers knife.

From speaking to old timers who worked at the quarry near Chepstow, the tale is that he went missing after being implicated in the disappearance of a local girl. There were also rumours that the butcher may have been responsible for several other disappearances near the site and the surrounding area of Chepstow.

The story of Chop Chop’s death is vague and a body was never found. However, local Chepstow legend says his fellow co-workers took the law into their own hands and threw the Butcher of Tidenham off the cliff edge.