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Bedtime Stories with Mr Gacy the Evil Clown

It's FearFest-Evil storytime with Mr Gacy

Hello Boys and Girls

It’s FearFest-Evil storytime with Mr Gacy the evil clown.

He looks forward to seeing you very soon at FearFest-Evil: Condemned

"Have you got your tickets?
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…to find out how the story ends!"

VIP and Standard tickets are available NOW for Friday and Saturday night.

Join us if you dare at our award-winning, live and immersive horror experience near Chepstow.

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See you soon, sleep tight and don’t have nightmares!

FearFest-Evil is a live and immersive horror event running selected nights in October, from Friday the 11th and including Halloween Night.

We also have ‘Scare Free’ daytime tours of the FearFest-Evil set and a family maze trail for younger guests to enjoy this Halloween in Chepstow.

Harvest Moon on Friday 13th

Half Breed Creatures

This Friday 13th September there will be a full ‘Harvest Moon’ in the sky.

With a combination of the full moon and the unlucky Friday 13th we have grave concerns for your safety and advise local residents to take precautions and stay indoors.

In previous years, large creatures have been spotted in the shadows of the woodland during a full moon, particularly at the Northern area of the National Diving & Activity Centre.

Half-Breen Illustration
Illustration from “Folk Tales & Mysteries of Tidenham” by Arthur Orfeo

During previous full moons, local Tidenham Farmers have reported livestock disappearing and several cows have been found dragged into the woodland and mutilated.

Local folk tales talk of wolves and even wolf-men at this time of year. However this may just be a local legend created by farmers to keep people off their land – it is far more likely that the animals are large dogs that have escaped.

If you are attending the FREE Cinema Screening on Saturday 14th September, we advise keeping doors and windows closed at all times.

Please report any sightings using #FearFestEvil.