Super Fan Neil Dodd inks up with Mr Gacy Clown Tattoo!

Mr Gacy Clown TattooNeil Dodd, A FearFest-Evil Super fan, has been inspired by the terrifying Mr Gacy and recently got this awesome tattoo! Mr Gacy the crazy clown was designed by BurkBench Designs and played by Ricky Gunter. He was one of the standout characters of FearFest Evil and we’ve plenty of reports of recurring nightmares following people’s encounters with him! The artwork was inspired by a photo taken of the FearFest-Evil Character, taken by KingDom Images. The tattoo itself was inked by ‪Kris Passmore‬ from Inked Up Bristol Neil is looking to fill his arm with the other characters from FearFest-Evil, we can’t wait to see the results! See more of Kris’ work on his Instagram page, or at Inked Up Bristol Follow KingDom Images on Instagram Read more about BurkBench Designs and follow them at