Testimonials & Reviews of FearFest-Evil

Please find below a selection of reviews of the 2015 Fear Fest Halloween Horror event.

Scare Addicts  Reader's Poll Winner  Best Scream Park of 2017
Scare Addicts  Reader's Poll Winner  Best Scream Park of 2017
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Joanne W

Four of us attended Fear Fest last night (Halloween) at 11pm and we had a brilliant time from start to finish. We paid extra to do the zip wire which was fab would like to do again in the light, and we also got drink and food vouchers which was really good, food was yummy. The guy in black at the start hanging around the tent was super intense he didn’t even have to say anything and we were freaked out. The walk itself was extremely jumpy and lots of screams. We had a fab night thanks Fear Fest.

Joanne W★★★★☆
Kelly B

Well done Fear Fest, what an awesome night! ! We had great fun, lots of screams and jumps. Hope you guys will be doing it next year! ! Massive thumbs up!…it was a great laugh and different from a normal night out!

Kelly B★★★★★
Melony H

Had a great time, loads of different ‘areas’ in the walk and many, many creepy characters encountered on the way.

Melony H★★★★☆
Rhys C

Absolutely class! The group me and my mates were in with were also a wicked laugh! Really enjoyable, would recommend it to anyone!

Rhys C★★★★★
Wales Online

“Chilling and unique new scare event coming to the South Wales border near Chepstow”

Jack A

Amazing time would recommend to everyone well worth the money zombies were very good!

Jack A★★★★★
Becky H

We all had a wicked time, defo go again, had the best laugh…

Becky H★★★★★
Shannon C

Just got home after an amazing night with work friends, thought it was definitely worth the money, voice has completely gone from screaming so loud!! Actors were scary as hell would 100% go again!!! ☺️ everyone in our group of 10 loved it and had a fantastic night!!

Shannon C★★★★★
Jodie C

…it was fab night, so much effort put in to make it more fun…Thumbs up Fear Fest you did a good job.

Jodie C★★★★☆
Gloucestershire Live

“This is as scary as it gets”

Tracey D

Amazing,thanks guys well done can’t wait for next year

Tracey D★★★★★
Donna M

…The actors were amazing and very realistic. We had a great night and thought well worth the money. A few in our party even upgraded to the zip wire. Excellent night

Donna M★★★★★
Keri P

I loved it, was so jumpy I screamed all the way round. Brilliant actors, amazing will be going again next year

Keri P★★★★★
Vicky H

Had an amazing time! Lot of laughs and good fun!

Vicky H★★★★★
Helen D

Brilliant night! Just returned and we enjoyed it so much! Great set up and such a laugh!!! Thank you Fear Fest!!

Helen D★★★★★
Joe K

The set was amazing! Loved it! Can’t wait to go again next year!

Joe K★★★★★
Katie B

It was pretty fun, especially the ending. The mortuary was the best part and different from they usually do.

Katie B★★★★☆
Ben C

It was absolutely amazing!! From start to finish I loved the whole walk and so did the group of us, it made everyone scream and scared. The zip wire was also brilliant. Overall amazing and hopefully next year will be bigger and better and I look forward to returning!!

Ben C★★★★★
Craig S

Wow – what an amazingly spooky evening at Fear Fest. Though I knew it wasn’t real, the professional way this was all done actually spooked me up! I felt like one of the survivors in The Walking Dead at one point when walking down the disused railway track. The house and tunnels were sooooo well done I nearly pooped! Here’s to next year!

Craig S★★★★★
Ben A

Amazing event! Loved it so much, well worth the money, I’d advise everyone to go and have a try, zombies were amazing!

Ben A★★★★★
Jason S

Awesome experience. Creepy actors and a great story followed by the Death Wire. Loved it. Definitely coming back with a bigger group!

Jason S★★★★★
Lauren S

Our group had a great time last night. We found it scary from start to finish, the actors were brilliant! I’m recommending it to all of my friends already.

Lauren S★★★★★
Gloucestershire Live

“This is not for the faint hearted or anyone under the age of 16, it is just too scary.”

Marie P

Absolutely brilliant. So many jumps it was great. Especially going in the tunnel and when you come out. Well worth every penny and will definitely be back next year if they do it again.

Marie P★★★★★
Lilly B

Went last night it was amazing. I am a huge wimp anyway but there was constant scares and the actors were so good!! The haunted house was awful, I started crying and the zip wire was a great way to finish it off! Loved it!

Lilly B★★★★★
Demi C

Amazing night! Would defiantly recommend this.

Demi C★★★★★
Lisa R

Had a fantastic nite…cant wait for next yr!!!! would recomend to everybody

Lisa R★★★★☆
Amber B

Fear Fest is amazing! Had the best time, lots of scares and laughs along the way. So much effort has gone into it, can’t wait for next year

Amber B★★★★★
Alyson J

Awesome loved it , defo come back next year

Alyson J★★★★★
Lewis K

My experience with Fear Fest was fantastic, from the tent with drinks and bobbing apples to the scary masked man and then of course the maze of zombies and Chainsaw’s. The story telling was fab, sets were great I thought I got away from not getting my knees wet going through the pipes but hell no right at the end squishy mud and straw I was stinking but great fun the zip wire finished it off what an amazing experience highly recommend

Lewis K★★★★★
Kathryn R

…Lots of laughs and screams from our group… the surprise when actors jumped out on you deffo got plenty of screams. I thought it was well played out; actors done a fab job, staff were friendly and helpful. I will deffo attend again.

Kathryn R★★★★★
Anthony W

Absolutely great night. Staff and actors was awesome. Myself, My Mrs & My Kids had a amazing few hours out. Some scary and jumpy bits and we laughed at each other’s actions all the way around. It is what you make of it.…Well done to all who puts the event on. See you next year.

Anthony W★★★★★
Wales Online

“The most horrifying event in Wales”

Stevie-Jay E

Amazing night!! Was scared from start to finish, definitely recommend

Stevie-Jay E★★★★★
Wales Online

“Lots of terrifying surprises waiting for the guests”

Lauri D

Great night at Fear Fest tonight! definitely recommend and will be back next year!!

Lauri D★★★★★
Wales Online

“A Halloween experience unlike anything else”

Sophie G

Just had our hog roast, fab food and fab evening! The walk through the woods was scary but awesome!!! Would definitely recommend it!!!!

Sophie G★★★★★
Ashley M

Great night we loved it, the actors are awesome, especially liked the girls and the freezer guy – a great laugh, my wife thought she was brave until we got through the first section eyes closed running and screaming the rest of the way LOL

Ashley M★★★★★
Charlotte F

I really enjoyed! The actors were terrifying and the scare zones were brilliant. Will definitely be returning!

Charlotte F★★★★★
Rhian T

Really enjoyed our evening with Fear Fest, just enough people in the group with a tense atmosphere created by the leader,the scares were good too…sets were awesome and actors convincing too… Well done to all involved

Rhian T★★★★★
Alisha H

Absolutely amazing night! Would Defo recommend & the zip wire was awesome!

Alisha H★★★★★
Dawn T

I took a party of age 16+ boys last night (all die hard Fear and horror fans and tough to impress!) for my sons 17th birthday and they all had a brilliant time!

Dawn T★★★★★
Paul J

Really enjoyed it! Actors are very good! Wish we had paid extra and done the zip wire though!!

Paul J★★★★☆
Lauren J

Absolutely brilliant night. Well done Fear Fest for putting on a great show. Lots of jumps scares and laughs.

Lauren J★★★★★
Kim S

Had an amazing night at Fear Fest with friends. Plenty of screams, jumps and giggles. The Death Slide was the perfect finale with some gorgeous hot food waiting to warm us up at the end of it all. Staff were enthusiastic and friendly. Look forward to seeing what you have in store for next year

Kim S★★★★★
Dominic K

What an amazing night we had at Fear Fest. We had a right laugh.

Dominic K★★★★★
Jimmy Spino

Had a great time with my friends! The clown was the best had us walking thru tunnels and into dark rooms. Was tons of fun!

Jimmy Spino★★★★★
Gloucestershire Live

“Gloucestershire’s scariest night out”

Dominique M

Brilliant night , really well done , loads of jumps and scares and the zip wire was amazing ! Well done to all the staff too very friendly and helpful as well as actors

Dominique M★★★★★
Kelsie J

Just completed Fear Fest!! I deffo recommend Tena lady it was very jumpy & highly recommend if your looking for something different to do this Halloween… I honestly struggle to think how they could make it more scary

Kelsie J★★★★☆
Wales Online

“The scream sewer is next and guests will use this passage to escape a horde of swarming, moaning zombies”

Neal W

I went to Fear-Fest for the 11pm slot on Halloween. I absolutely loved it. It was obvious that a lot of effort was put into the walk, with the sets being very professional.

Neal W★★★★☆
Nicola B

Absolutely loved tonight, will definitely come again 🙂

Nicola B★★★★★
Michelle Jones

“Well last night we experienced FearFest-Evil first hand for ourselves. it was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. what an impressive job they have done they have accomplished a very realistic scare experience.”

Michelle Jones★★★★★
Sabrina F

Went last night brilliant atmosphere,the actors were amazing and the zip wire was Fab…

Sabrina F★★★★★
Helen P

Thank you for an amazing evening. Really enjoyed ourselves. Heart racing and adrenaline pumping.  Just what the doctor ordered LOL.

Helen P★★★★★
Lillianna M

I would definitely go again, the set was amazing and the zombies/actors were all so professional! They all did a really great job! Can’t wait till next year!

Lillianna M★★★★★
Cathie A

I can honestly say it was better than I thought it would be. From start to finish it was fab, the actors were all awesome, full credit to them cos they frightened the poop out of me and my mate big time, they could obviously see we were bricking it and frightened us even more…I would definitely recommend you try it…I loved it…

Cathie A★★★★★
Kate B

Incredible! The amount of effort and attention to detail was outstanding Staff were all fantastic too 🙂

Kate B★★★★★
Wales Online

“Only the bravest will enter the scream sewer, a 60m-long tunnel system with bloodthirsty creatures lurking, ready to attack”

Paul S

Fear Fest was great! Lots of jumps and scares along the way! Will definitely go back next year, thank you to everyone who was a part of it

Paul S★★★★★
Gloucestershire Live

“No wimps allowed for this”

Tom J

Had such an amazing time, me and my friends enjoyed it so much and will definitely be coming back in future!!

Tom J★★★★★
Wales Online

“Haunting laughter comes from dolls that hang limply from the trees”

Andy G

Having been to something similar in Orlando, I wasn’t sure whether it would live up to it’s hype. IT REALLY WAS BRILLIANT! The whole experience from checking in to being guided to the entrance gates was fun and full of scares. We especially enjoyed the themed areas, and the zip wire added to the excitement.

Andy G★★★★★
Emma H

Was amazing i loved it really good and the zip wire to finish it off was the best would recommend it to everyone who wants a good scare and a good night xx

Emma H★★★★★
Emily F

Have now been though the experience twice and was just as terrified the second time – even though I knew what was coming!! Voice has gone from screaming so much 🙁 would definitely recommend!

Emily F★★★★★
Adrian S

Thoroughly enjoyed Fear Fest! Lots of fun with some scares! Very well organised and the actors were great.…Thank you for a very enjoyable, funny and scary evening.

Adrian S★★★★★
Sally D

…We were in a group of 10 which was perfect. There was just the right amount of ‘Zombies’ any more and you wouldn’t have had the shock factor…

Sally D★★★★☆
Matthew Jones

Just got back in from this , wow what an experience scared me to f^*k 10/10 effort put into this event is unreal 👏👏👏👏👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Matthew Jones★★★★★
Wales Online

“It’s definitely not for the faint hearted.”

Louise T

What a fantastic night, just finished our Fear Fest experience and I was absolutely scared to death! 100% recommend it to anyone! Don’t think I’ve ever screamed and jumped so much in my entire life. Worth every single penny!!! Great thanks to all the actors and everyone who works there for creating an amazing experience!!!

Louise T★★★★★
Bethan E

It was very jumpy and scary! Loved every second! Worth every penny!

Bethan E★★★★★
Wales Online

“Terrifying new horror experience FearFest is a fully interactive scare journey featuring live actors, horror zones and hair-rising shocks.”

Kelly S

Myself & my 3 friends had a great time at the Fest last night. Had the VIP tickets this time round, the Death Slide, food & drink topped the night off perfectly. We had a great laugh!

Kelly S★★★★☆
Rebecca C

Amazing night!…Plenty of scares and great actors. Lovely staff and well priced food and drink. Definitely be coming back

Rebecca C★★★★★
Vicky B

Amazing night. Very friendly staff. Very jumpy, and well worth the money. Would 100% do this again.

Vicky B★★★★★
Wales Online

“if you’re planning scaring yourself silly, FearFest-Evil could be just the thing”

Mark G

…we just couldn’t really fault Fear Fest. Lots and lots of interaction and actors. Great sets and amazing location. Really really well done and great fun!

Mark G★★★★★
Nell L

Went last night, it was so much fun! The actors were fab and the staff were really friendly. The zip wire was fantastic!!! I’d highly recommend it. Spooktacular!!

Nell L★★★★★
Karli P

We all had an amazing night defo recommend. Fab setting, fab actors, lots of scares & zipwire was awesome

Karli P★★★★★
Gloucestershire Live

“FearFest-Evil is Gloucestershire’s fully immersive and interactive terror attraction”

Lauren M

EVERYONE who loves a good scare, an adrenaline rush, good grub, drink and a great atmosphere needs to head over to the National Diving & Activity Centre for the Fear Fest !!!
Top it all off with a 70m zip wire traveling at 40mph with a hog roast waiting at the bottom!

Lauren M★★★★★
Ryan O

It was absolutely amazing such a lot of thought time and effort put into it will definitely be back next year…

Ryan O★★★★★
Ceryl O

What an awesome night!! The set was totally amazing!! I owe a massive thank you to the gas masked freezer guy who got me through the tunnels in a moment of blind panic!!! He took total control when I didn’t know what to do!! Dont think I thanked him I was such a mess. So thank you gas mask guy 🙂 P.s. The zip wire was phenomenal!!!

Ceryl O★★★★☆
Wales Online

“Promising to be the Ultimate Scare Experience”

Rob W

A group of four of us attended the opening night and thoroughly enjoyed it…we had a right laugh and a few scares too, allow yourself to have fun and you likely will.

Rob W★★★★★