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FearFest-Evil Wedding Proposal

One of our guests wanted to propose to his partner as a surprise during FearFest-Evil, our award-winning scare attraction near Chepstow.

The FearFest-Evil team made arrangements to kidnap the couple on Halloween night in Chop-Chop’s house of horrors.

Our Creatures-of-the-Night carefully followed the pair around the horror event until they reached the target scare zone. At this point the creatures pounced and separated the pair.

While the unsuspecting partner was captured and being placed in Chop Chop’s chair, his other half was taken away to another part of the FearFest-Evil set. In just a few seconds our costume team disguised him up as one of our Creatures-of-the-Night and returned him to inflict terror on his partner!

The victim had no idea who was behind the mask tormenting him and shouted the safe word several times!

Finally the creature revealed himself, took to one knee and proposed… it was extremely tense, and the victim’s shock meant that the answer wasn’t forthcoming… but eventually he said YES!

After congratulations and forgiveness for the ordeal, we let our new Creature-of-the-Night keep his costume as a memento – hopefully he’ll wear it to the wedding!

Tickets for 2020’s FearFest-Evil event are available now and we have limited discounted Early Bird tickets available:

FearFest-Evil is a live and immersive horror event running selected nights in October, including Halloween Night.

Our site at Chepstow’s National Diving & Activity Centre offers a unique setting for your wedding celebration or stag/hen party. Our Water View Marquee is set in a beautiful location, overlooking the clear blue waters of our Chepstow lake. The marquee seats 120 people with a fully licensed bar and late licence available on request. We also have 31 Wooden Wigwam Glamping Cabins for guests wanting to stay the night.

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The Conjuring – Final Free Horror Films at our Drive-In Cinema, Chepstow

The Conjuring Free Drive-In Cinema Screening at FearFest-Evil September 2019

This screening is now fully booked. However, there are a few remaining tickets. Find out how you can get one here ».

The ConjuringThroughout September we’re screening FREE horror movies at our Drive-In Cinema in Chepstow. These free cinema tickets are to celebrate the launch of the 2019 FearFest-Evil​ horror event, running on selected dates this October and Halloween.

The fourth and final of our four films is the horrifying, The Conjuring.

"Based on a true story, The Conjuring tells the suspenseful tale of Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson), world renowned paranormal investigators, who were called to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse." Amazon Continue reading “The Conjuring – Final Free Horror Films at our Drive-In Cinema, Chepstow”

FearFest-Evil Public Information Notice

This is a public information notice.

Please watch this trailer video before purchasing your FearFest-Evil Condemned tickets.

FearFest-Evil Condemned contains graphic and distressing scenes some participants may find disturbing.

Our award winning scare attracion returns to Chepstow’s National Diving & Activity Centre in October 2019 with a terrifying horror event… ‘Condemned’.

Standard and limited VIP tickets tickets are available now for selected nights in October, including Halloween!

We also have ‘Scare Free’ daytime tours of the FearFest-Evil set and a family maze trail for younger guests to enjoy this Halloween in Chepstow.

For the bravest amongst you, book your tickets now

FearFest-Evil returns to Chepstow October 2019 with ‘Condemned’.

Harvest Moon on Friday 13th

Half Breed Creatures

This Friday 13th September there will be a full ‘Harvest Moon’ in the sky.

With a combination of the full moon and the unlucky Friday 13th we have grave concerns for your safety and advise local residents to take precautions and stay indoors.

In previous years, large creatures have been spotted in the shadows of the woodland during a full moon, particularly at the Northern area of the National Diving & Activity Centre.

Half-Breen Illustration
Illustration from “Folk Tales & Mysteries of Tidenham” by Arthur Orfeo

During previous full moons, local Tidenham Farmers have reported livestock disappearing and several cows have been found dragged into the woodland and mutilated.

Local folk tales talk of wolves and even wolf-men at this time of year. However this may just be a local legend created by farmers to keep people off their land – it is far more likely that the animals are large dogs that have escaped.

If you are attending the FREE Cinema Screening on Saturday 14th September, we advise keeping doors and windows closed at all times.

Please report any sightings using #FearFestEvil.

Introducing Louise & Lisa Grady in “Stealing your Soul”

The Grady Twins

The Grady twins, missing since 1990, have resurfaced at Chepstow’s FearFest-Evil.

They invite you to enjoy the fear, smile with terror and consume the horror.

These deadly sisters are horribly nice… but gloriously nasty.

The madness of FearFest-Evil returns October 2019 to Chepstow with CONDEMNED

Come and meet the Grady twins if you dare – Standard & VIP tickets are available now!

FearFest-Evil returns to Chepstow October 2019 with ‘Condemned’.

The Rising of a mysterious Crypt in Coombesbury Woods

Coombesbury Woods
Coombesbury Woods, the site of the mysterious crypt and subject of Chepstow folklore

According to local Chepstow folklore, at midnight on Hallows Eve in 1587, a gateway opened at in a long forgotten crypt. The crypt was hidden deep within Coombesbury Woods and the gateway was described as being a corridor “from this world to the depths of hell”.

Stories tell of a group of priests known as the ‘Eye Brotherhood’ who located themselves on the doorway in defence of the breach. As midnight arrived, a mysterious light appeared, blinding the men for a brief moment. When they regained their vision, the gateway had closed and surrounding them, the ground was covered in half-buried wooden crosses. Continue reading “The Rising of a mysterious Crypt in Coombesbury Woods”

WIN With FearFest-Evil

Win A FearFest-Evil T-Shirt

Win TShirt Hope everyone enjoyed our free cinema screenings over the last few weeks.

The FearFest-Evil characters certainly added to the horror – hopefully you all survived your encounters!

Before we open the main event on the 12th October we have a fantastic competition for everyone who came along!

Simply comment on the competition Facebook Post post with a photo from the cinema nights that includes one of our FearFest-Evil characters.

The photo with the most likes will win a limited edition FearFest-Evil T-Shirt