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The Rising of a mysterious Crypt in Coombesbury Woods

Coombesbury Woods
Coombesbury Woods, the site of the mysterious crypt and subject of Chepstow folklore

According to local Chepstow folklore, at midnight on Hallows Eve in 1587, a gateway opened at in a long forgotten crypt. The crypt was hidden deep within Coombesbury Woods and the gateway was described as being a corridor “from this world to the depths of hell”.

Stories tell of a group of priests known as the ‘Eye Brotherhood’ who located themselves on the doorway in defence of the breach. As midnight arrived, a mysterious light appeared, blinding the men for a brief moment. When they regained their vision, the gateway had closed and surrounding them, the ground was covered in half-buried wooden crosses.

The following morning all the crosses were removed and taken to Tintern Abbey to be kept safe. However, soon after the Abbey would suffer it’s dissolution and the crosses disappeared, only to return back at the crypt in Coombesbury Woods.

In an attempt to exorcise the site, local priests ordered the crypt to be buried under thousands of tonnes of holy soil from the grounds of Tidenham Church. The wooden crucifixes were removed and burned to ashes. However the crucifixes continued to reappear at the site of the crypt randomly over the decades.

Moving forward to 2018. Over the last month, crucifixes have again begun to appear from the ground and the secretive ‘Eye Brotherhood’ have been spotted at the site in Coombesbury Woods. Several people have become seriously ill with delirium after attempting to remove them and have subsequently gone missing.

More alarmingly, over the last few days the Crypt itself has begun to slowly rise from the ground and strange noises have been heard around the area. Attempts have been made to re-bury the entrance to prevent the gateway from opening. However, despite our best efforts, the crypt continues to rise and we expect the gateway to open Friday night.

We advise you not to approach the area alone.